Digital Identity Narratives

Author: Stacey Koosel
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Expected: 2014
ISBN: 978-1-936117-60-4
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User created Internet content on social media platforms has changed the traditional relationship between media producers and media consumers. In the case of digital identity narratives, it is the media consumer who has become the content. The technological and cultural phenomenon of digital identities resulted from a contextual information shift, from the multi-sensory physical world to a multimodal virtual environment. The online environment has provided new opportunities to express identity and community through multi-media tools such as photography, video, sound and the written word.

Narrative theory provides an exciting platform for new discussions on the effects, uses and gratifications of social media on the new media user. Understanding the innate human need for stories and storytellers, narrative theory explores why everyone is an active participant in a semiotic environment of world making and attributing meaning in new cultural contexts.

Digital Identity Narratives brings together many different perspectives on digital identity narratives, including media theory, narrative studies, literary theory and social psychology. It addresses the issues both methodologically and philosophically to establish a multi-disciplinary forum for students and scholars of media, narrative and culture.