Gender and sexuality organize much of social life. How we understand ourselves and each other often begins--or, when we interact with institutions, even requires--checking off binary boxes: man or woman, gay or straight. Of course, lives and selves are more complicated than this, and these complications are what we wish to explore at the Gender and Sexuality in Information Studies Colloquium in April 2016. We are particularly interested in the ways that gender and sexuality intersect with other social categories. Too often, when we talk about women we only talk about white women, cisgender women, wealthy women, or women with access to other forms of power.

We explicitly invite presenters who can disrupt these tendencies. From the collections and technologies we build and the access tools we design, to the histories we collect, catalog, and preserve, to the ways in which we engage with our daily practice, information studies theorists and practitioners are always engaged in the political projects of making and being made -- impacted by the social categories through which we live our lives.

Following the event, please join us at Malone's, a bar just a block from the venue, for food, drink, and reflection on the day.

Thanks to Simon Fraser University Library for generously hosting this colloquium.

Committee: Emily Drabinski, Baharak Yousefi, Tara Robertson