About Us

Litwin Books is an independent academic publisher of books about media, communication and the cultural record. We are interdisciplinary in scope and intention, and gather together works from a range of disciplines, including archival studies, media studies, communication studies, cultural studies, information studies, philosophy of technology, communications history, history of archives and libraries, and related fields. Our independence from larger institutions gives us the freedom to offer critical perspectives that cut against the grain, as well as occasionally to give a scholar free rein with a work that is outside their usual publishing stream.

With our Library Juice Press imprint we follow the same philosophy, publishing books that examine theoretical and practical issues in librarianship from a critical perspective, for an audience of professional librarians and students of library science.

Auslander & Fox is our imprint for general readers, featuring books characterized by originality, wit, and unique perspectives.

We began publishing books in 2006, in Duluth, Minnesota, but we had an earlier existence as Rory Litwin’s online zine, titled “Library Juice,” which he began publishing in 1998. We are currently located in Sacramento, California. The Sacramento area is the tribal land of Nisenan people of the central valley, the Foothills and Southern Maidu people to the north, the Valley Miwok and Me-Wuk people to the east, and the Patwin, Wintun, and Wintu people to the south and west. We respect their past, present, and future care of these lands and waters, and stand in solidarity with native diasporas across this region.

We are accepting book proposals and manuscripts.

Our books are printed on acid-free paper.