Purchasing Our Books

Recent changes in the way states collect sales tax have led us to the decision to stop retails sales to the general public. Remitting sales tax to multiple states and local jurisdictions is too complicated. This means that individuals who want to buy our books will have to go to retailers.

At present, Amazon is working as a way to purchase most of our books, so if you are an individual reader and not opposed to using Amazon, that is our recommended retailer. You can often find our books at other online retailers, or you can request that your local bookstore order them for you.

Libraries can acquire our books from any of the book vendors they normally use. Our favorite vendor to work with is YBP (Gobi). Electronic versions of our books are increasingly available from academic ebook vendors such as Proquest.

Bookstores can order from us directly, or, in most cases, through vendors like Baker & Taylor or Ebsco.

Bookstores or vendors ordering from us directly should send orders by email or fax. Email is preferred. We do not accept orders by phone. You can use the email address or fax number below.