ALISE Information Ethics Statement

Toni Samek and other library educators concerned with the declining place of information ethics, intellectual freedom, and matters having to do with the unique ethos of librarianship formed a Special Interest Group in ALISE (the Association of Library and Information Science Educators) to address Information Ethics in library education. Their SIG released a statement on information ethics designed to guide library educators and educational institutions, but was not immediately adopted by the ALISE board. At the ALISE meeting a couple of weeks ago, it was taken up by their executive board and was passed with much support and only a few changes. I am putting it online here until ALISE makes it available to the public on their own site.

Thanks to Toni for seeing this through and for sharing the information with the PLG list. I think this statement is very important in the guidance it provides to library education programs to preserve the meaning in librarianship as rapid changes in technique dominate the field.