Bill Crowley Wins 2023 Library Juice Press Annual Paper Contest

Library Juice Press is excited to announce the winner of the 2023 Annual Library Juice Paper Contest. Bill Crowley’s paper titled “Allies, Cobelligerents, and the Political Realities of Pursuing Social Justice Librarianship in Conservative Republican Communities,” published in Library Philosophy and Practice, was determined by the award jury to be the most excellent paper at meeting the criteria for the award out of twenty-nine submissions. The award jury consisted of three information professionals. The jury wrote,

“Crowley’s paper directly addresses an important issue in the profession as well as larger society — how do we relate to each other in a divided society? The author lays out the problem clearly and makes common-sense recommendations for meeting people where they’re at, finding common ground, and moving important ideas and services forward. Crowley’s work is inspiring, hopeful, and timely.”

Bill Crowley is Professor at the School of Information Studies, Dominican University.

The jury also selected two papers for honorable mention awards:

  • Helene Hellmich and Jesse David Dinneen’s “Making Space for the Future: The Importance of Deletion for LIS and the Information Society” published in Information Research.
  • Alexander Poole’s “’Get our feet wet and hands dirty’: Black Community-Based Librarianship and the Fight Against Information Poverty, 1940-1975” published in Proceedings of the Association for Information Science and Technology.

All papers were carefully read and judged using the following criteria:

  • Clarity of writing
  • Originality of thought
  • Sincerity of effort at reaching something true
  • Soundness of argumentation (where applicable)
  • Relevance to our time and situation


The Library Juice Paper Contest winner receives an award of $1000. The intention of this contest is to encourage and reward good work in the field of library and information studies, humanistically understood, through a monetary award and public recognition. Papers submitted may be pending publication, or published (formally or informally) in the year of the award. Any type of paper may be entered as long as it is not a report of an empirical study. Examples of accepted forms would be literature review essays, analytical essays, historical research, and personal essays. The work may include some informal primary research, but may not essentially be the report of an empirical study.

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