Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader

Editors: Patrick Keilty and Rebecca Dean

Price: $60.00

Published: October 2013

ISBN: 978-1-936117-16-1

716 pages


Number four in the Litwin Books Series on Gender and Sexuality in Information Studies, Emily Drabinski, Series Editor

In Feminist and Queer Information Studies Reader, Keilty and Dean put the field of Information Studies into critical conversation with studies of gender, sexuality, race, and technology. In classic and original essays, renowned scholars from a range of disciplines think through a broad array of information and technology philosophies and practices. Conceiving of “information” in a broad sense, the contributors reevaluate conventional methods and topics within Information Studies to examine encounters with information phenomena and technology that do not lend themselves easily to the scientific and behaviorist modes of description that have long dominated the field. A Foreword, Introduction, and Afterword provide helpful context to the reader’s 27 essays, arranged around topics that include information as gendered labor, cyborgs and cyberfeminism, online environments, information organization, information extraction and flow, archives, and performance.

Table of Contents


Foreword – Sandy Stone

Introduction – Patrick Keilty

Information as Gendered Labor

The Bride Stripped Bare to Her Data: Information Flow + Digibodies – Mary Flanagan

Essentialism and Care in a Female-Intensive Profession – Melodie Fox and Hope Olson

Reflections on Meaning in Library and Information Studies: A Personal Odyssey through Information, Sexuality, and Gender – Alvin Schrader

Cyborgs and Cyberfeminism

Feminist Theories of Technology – Judy Wajcman

Cyborg Feminism and the Methodology of the Oppressed – Chela Sandoval

Developing a Corporeal Cyberfeminism: Beyond Cyberutopia – Jessica Brophy

Online Environment

Going On-Line: Consuming Pornography in the Digital Era – Zabet Patterson

Avatars and the Visual Culture of Reproduction on the Web – Lisa Nakamura

“OH NO! I’M A NERD!” : Hegemonic Masculinity on an Online Forum – Lori Kendall

Information Organization

How We Construct Subjects: A Feminist Analysis – Hope Olson

Queer Theory and the Creation of Contextual Subject Access Tools for Gay and Lesbian Communities – D. Grant Campbell

Paraphilias: The Perversion of Meaning in the Library of Congress Catalog – Melissa Adler

Administrating Gender – Dean Spade

Information Extraction, Information Flow

On Torture: Abu Ghraib – Jasbir Puar

Tacit Subjects – Carlos Ulises Decena

A Tapestry of Knowledge: Crafting a New Approach to Information Sharing – Sherilyn M. Williams and Pamela McKenzie

Sharing Economies and Value Systems on the Nifty Archive – Mica Ars Hilson


Police / Archives – Steven Maynard

The Brandon Archive – Judith Halberstam

Love and Lubrication in the Archives, or rukus!: A Black Queer Archive for the United Kingdom – Ajamu X, Topher Vampbell, and Mary Stevens

Welcome Home: An Exploratory Ethnography of trhe Information Context at the Lesbian Herstory Archives – Danielle Cooper

Accessing Transgender // Desiring Queer(er?) Archival Logics – K. J. Rawson

In the Archive of Lesbian Feeling: Documentary and Popular Culture – Ann Cvetkovich


How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rape Kit – Aliza Shvarts

Joe Orton, Kenneth Halliwell, and the Islington Public Library: Defacement, Parody and Mashups – D. Grant Campbell

Becoming Dragon: A Transversal Technology Study – Micha Cárdenas

GRIDs, Gay Bombs, and Viral Aesthetics – Zach Blas

Afterword – Leah Lievrouw

Author Bios