Call for Assistance — Interference Archive

Message from Jen Hoyer of the Interference Archive in NYC:

Hi all,

I thought some on this list might be interested in recent updates from Interference Archive — a project near and dear to my heart.

Located in Brooklyn, NY, since 2011 Interference Archive ( has collected and provided open stacks access to material produced by social movements around the globe — posters, stickers, buttons, zines, periodicals, newspapers, t-shirts, and more. Run 100% by volunteers, Interference puts on over 80 free public events each year, in addition to regular open hours, exhibitions, and educational visits for local schools.

In the summer of 2017, the archive was evicted from its original home after the sale of its building. We’ve found an amazing new space in an even better location and we’ve signed a long-term lease that will let us really settle into our new home, but rent has increased since our 2011 lease was signed, and the costs of moving and building out a new space are really high.

Please help! We’ve launched a fundraising campaign to support the expenses of our move and buildout, and we’d be so grateful if you have a few dollars to give:

There are other ways you can help as well! I know that all of you are connected with other networks of folks who care deeply about community archives and social movements. We’d love if you could share our news and our fundraising drive with them, or connect us ( with anyone you think may be able to lend us a hand. We have handy links to this on Facebook and Twitter as well.

Thank you so much!

Jen Hoyer