Call for Chapter Abstracts: Critical Theory and Social Justice in Library and Information Science

Call for chapter abstracts for the forthcoming monograph:

Mehra, B., & Rioux, K. (Eds.). (2015). Progressive community action: Critical theory and social justice in library and information science. Sacramento, CA: Library Juice Press.

Editors Bharat Mehra and Kevin Rioux invite you to submit a 500-word abstract proposing a chapter for this edited volume by July 1, 2014.

We seek original scholarship on the intersections of critical theory and social justice in library and information science, with a particular focus on progressive community action and community development outcomes. The frame of inquiry includes all types of libraries, museums, archives and other information settings. Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

• The role of the progressive LIS professional in bringing about positive community changes;
• Social justice and critical theory as a guide for policy and action in education, information service design, ICT development, and programming;
• Social justice and librarianship in international contexts;
• The use of social justice and critical theory concepts in assessment to demonstrate relevance and accountability;
• Social and community impacts made by LIS research and practice;
• Development of social justice as a critical theoretical approach for the LIS professions;
• Other related topics.

For a broad scholarly review of social justice in the information professions, see
• Mehra, B., Rioux, K., & Albright, K. (2009). Social justice in library and information science. In Bates, M., & Maack, N. (Eds.), Encyclopedia of library and information sciences (3rd ed.), 4820-4836. New York: Taylor & Francis.

More information about the monograph and the editors can be found at the Library Juice site:

• July 1, 2014: Deadline for 500-word abstracts proposing a chapter.
• September 5, 2014: Notification of acceptance of proposal.
• May 1, 2015: Deadline for submitting full chapter manuscripts. Authors should strive for 20-30 pages (5,000 to 7,500 words).
• August 1, 2015: Feedback from editors
• September 1, 2015: Deadline for revised chapter manuscripts

About the Editors:
Bharat Mehra, PhD, is Associate Professor in the School of Information Sciences at the University of Tennessee. His research furthers diversity and intercultural communication and addresses social justice and social equity agendas to meet the needs of minority and underserved populations (e.g., lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people; racial and ethnic minorities; international communities; low-income families; rural residents; amongst others). [More information about Mehra can be found at URL:].

Kevin Rioux, PhD, is Associate Professor of Library and Information Science at St. John’s University, New York. In his teaching and research, he uses social justice metatheory, information behavior frameworks, and integrated human development models to explore issues related to information access and information technologies as tools of social and economic development in both local and international contexts. [More information about Rioux can be found at URL:].

Please direct submissions and inquiries to Bharat Mehra ( and Kevin Rioux (

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