Call for Chapters: Class and Librarianship

Class and Librarianship: Essays at the Intersection of Information, Labor and Capital.
Edited by Erik Sean Estep (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville) and Nathaniel F Enright (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology). To be published by Library Juice Press in 2013.

The current crisis of capitalism has led to the renewed interest in Marxism and its core categories of analysis such as class and exploitation. In our own discipline—Library and Information Science—voices and ideas that have long been confined to the critical margins have been given buoyancy as forms of critique have gained traction.. Our volume will allow for a fresh look at at the interaction of information, labor, capital,class, and librarianship.

Questions that can be explored in contributions include, but are not limited to: class differences in the workplace, faculty and staff relations at libraries, poverty and public libraries, information science pedagogy and class, the commodification of information, information and class struggle, class bias in classification systems and the class politics of mental or digital labor.

We welcome contributions from scholars and practitioners alike. If you wish to discuss your contribution with us please feel free to do so by contacting Erik Estep (hobsbawm17 at or Nathaniel Enright (natenright at

Abstracts of no longer than 500 words are due on August 30. We will let you know if you make the cut by September 30. Final papers due February 1 2013.

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