Call for Submissions – Gen-X Perspectives on Librarianship


Gen-X Perspectives on Librarianship (working title), edited by Erik Estep, Rebecca Tolley-Stokes, and Martin K. Wallace; published by Library Juice Press.

Seeking previously unpublished scholarly manuscript contributions for an anthology relating to the “Gen-X experience” from a librarian perspective, or, the “librarian experience” from a Gen-X perspective. Also welcome are critical perspectives of Gen-X librarians and interesting perspectives on Gen-X librarians from non-Gen-Xers.

Objective of Book:
The objective of this book is to view, critique and analyze what makes Gen-X librarians unique among other generations of librarians, what is unique or different about the professional situation of Gen-X librarians, what have Gen-X librarians contributed to the field, and what have they changed about the profession. In order to fully understand the X-Generation and librarianship, a variety of perspectives is needed.

Suggested Themes:
Emphasis will be placed on the themes of media representations and misrepresentations, work and leadership styles, technology, globalization, cultural shifts, class, and gender but the editors remain open to any theme that proves itself interesting, especially manuscripts that present something new and compelling.

Target Audience:
Librarians, library workers, and library school students, as well as library administrators who might find such a volume helpful in creating an inclusive and diverse workplace.

Selection Criteria:
All submissions received by the deadline will be reviewed by the editors. Editors will select submissions that speak or reveal the most about Generation X Librarians as a group and those that share the most insightful or individualized experiences and can relate those experiences to their generation. Only works of the utmost scholarly quality will be selected. Articles in scholarly sociology or cultural studies journals or university press monographs should serve as examples.

Submission Guidelines:
Submissions from a broad spectrum of librarians and library workers are welcome. We seek to be inclusive of all ages, library types (public, academic, or private libraries), geographies (rural, urban, international), sexual orientations, gender identities, and class backgrounds.

Deadline for summaries: August 30, 2009
Submit a brief summary (3 paragraphs maximum) and a short author’s statement or URLs where appropriate. Electronic submissions only to .

Deadline for manuscripts: January 31, 2010
One electronic copy. Black-and-white artwork may be submitted in hard copy; author responsible for securing image copyright permissions.

Rebecca Tolley-Stokes
Charles C. Sherrod Library
East Tennessee State University
Johnson City, TN 37614
Fax: 423-439-5674
Email:[ ]

About the editors:
Erik Sean Estep is Assistant Professor and North Carolina Collection Librarian, East Carolina University. Rebecca Tolley-Stokes is Associate Professor and Reference Librarian at the Charles C. Sherrod Library, East Tennessee State University. Martin K. Wallace is a Science & Engineering Librarian at the Raymond H. Fogler Library, University of Maine, and is the state’s Patents & Trademarks Librarian.

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