CFP in celebration of Miriam Braveman’s “Mississippi Summer”

Dear Colleagues,

The *Progressive Librarian* editors’ cooperative is planning an issue to
commemorate the Freedom Libraries of Freedom Summer 1964 which is being
done in conjunction with reprinting Miriam Braverman’s 50 year old *SLJ*
work “Mississippi Summer” November 1965 *School Library Journal*, pages 31
– 33.

In a message from one of the editors, (Elaine Harger ) “Progressive
Librarian has an annual LIS student essay contest named in honor of Miriam
Braverman, and so the editors have been thinking that we’d like the next
issue to have articles reflecting on the civil right movement and where
librarianship stands today in relation to the history and present of the

We’d [*Progressive *Librarian] be happy to have essays, poems, reflection
pieces, academic articles, letters from elders to the next generation of
librarians, images, drawings, graphics, bibliographies, book reviews.

We haven’t yet set a deadline, but it would likely be July/August.”

Here are links to PLG’s website with information about Miriam Braverman
and the essay contest named in her honor

For more on Freedom Summer see:

and Freedom Libraries:

Questions? Please contact Elaine Harger
eharger at drizzle dot com

thanks all,

Lorna Peterson