CFP: Sustainability and the Library

Sustainability: Science, Practice, & Policy
Special Issue on Sustainability and the Library

Call for Abstracts Deadline: May 1, 2015
submit via email to Dr. Maurie Cohen
Review decisions by: October 31, 2015
Publication: Spring 2016

This special issue aims both to review how the LIS community has to date sought to advance sustainability and to chart a course for the next generation of effort. We are looking to identify contributions that bring forth new and innovative solutions and/or challenges focusing on issues such as:

– Assessing the strategic role of library and information science in environmental protection, social equity, and economic development
– Identifying the ways in which information research and information practices link to sustainability through, for example, access to information, intellectual freedom, literacy
– Designing sustainable information
– Greening the library
– Measuring the environmental impact of different resources that libraries provide
– Making sustainable decisions that help to positively address climate change and respect natural resources
– Creating healthy indoor and outdoor environments through sustainable building practices
– Motivating libraries/librarians to be change leaders
– Evaluating the role of libraries in pursuing local sustainability through programs and services for public education and local policy/government