Call for Chapters: “Thin Skinned”: Unappreciated, and Overworked: Experiences and impacts of  Microaggressions in the fields of Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums 

Call for Chapter Proposals

Working Title: “Thin Skinned”: Unappreciated, and Overworked: Experiences and impacts of  Microaggressions in the fields of Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums

Editors: Monique G. Breaux, Cheylon K. Woods, and Beth J.H Patin

Submission Deadline: March 15, 2023

Submission Form:

Publisher: Library Juice Press

Book Description

More than fifty years after Chester Pierce described microaggressions as an offensive mechanism of  “subtle and stunning” daily offenses1, “Thin Skinned,” Unappreciated, and Overworked: Experiences and  impacts of Microaggressions in the fields of Galleries, Libraries, Archives, and Museums will be the first  book focusing on microaggressions in the GLAM (galleries, libraries, archives, and museums) community.  To this end, we propose inviting authors from the GLAM field to share their experiences with  microaggressions.  

“Thin Skinned,” details the various forms of microaggressions GLAM professionals experience in the  workplace, and during their careers. Personal narrative in combination with interdisciplinary research  validates these experiences and showcases an ongoing issue within the GLAM community. This book will  look at the wide variety of microaggressions including, but not limited to: race, gender, age, orientation,  and ability. Chapters should advance library and information science in important ways that are relevant  to a wide range of readers. All chapters should be original works, well-written, accessible to GLAM  professionals across subdisciplines, and scientifically rigorous.  

Potential contributors are welcome from all aspects of the GLAM professions, not just those with  accredited degrees, certifications, or previous publications. We are interested in compelling storytelling  and authenticity with socio-scientific research. Our intended outcome is to create a text that allows for  our contributors to feel seen; and encourage conversations around building healthier and holistic work  environments for all information professionals and culture keepers. This book also seeks to help GLAM  employees reflect on their past, and current, actions to determine if they have been a victim of  workplace microaggressions, bystanders, interrupters, or instigators.  

The intended audiences for this book are employees working in GLAM institutions, human resource  directors, and those in management and/or administrative positions within their institutions. It is  important for those in positions of power to understand the trials and tribulations that their employees  may be experiencing; to help mitigate these issues in the future. Ideally, this text will be a model for  collaborative, corrective, and restorative policy changes within the GLAM community. 

The editors are aware that authors are writing during the global pandemic. The editors are here to  support potential authors and we will be as flexible and supportive as possible. We encourage all  authors to be communicative and open with us throughout the writing process. Thin Skinned is part of  the Series of Critical Race Studies and Multiculturalism in LIS with Litwin Books and Library Juice Press  under the series editors, Rose L. Chou and Annie Pho. 


1 Pierce, Chester. “Offensive Mechanisms.” In the Black Seventies, edited by Floyd B Barbour. Boston: P. Sargent,  1970.

Potential Chapters 

Chapters can include a variety of topics related to microaggressions experienced in the GLAM  community. Contributors are encouraged to include any of the following, or suggest other subjects. 

Submissions we are interested in, but not limited to, are: 

  • Hair discrimination and professionalism in LIS 
  • Ageism in LIS 
  • Educational supremacy in LIS (Degreed vs. non-degreed) 
  • Knowledge destruction 
  • Inequitable processes in promotion and retention 
  • Performative actions in terms of DEIAJ (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Accessibility, and  (Restorative) Justice) 
  • …and much more! 

Submission Requirements 

  • Please submit a chapter proposal, overview, or abstract (including a tentative title) in 300-500  words in our submission form. 
  • The chapter proposal should also include author name(s), pronoun(s), and preferred contact  information. 
  • Submission Form:

Deadlines and Important Dates 

  • Deadline Submission for chapter proposals: March 15, 2023 
  • Notification of Acceptance: April 1, 2023 
  • First Draft Submission Deadline: July 15, 2023 
  • Chapter Revisions & Edits Due: September 15, 2023 
  • Final Manuscript Submission to the publisher: December 1, 2023 


If you have any questions, or concerns of any type, you may contact the editors:

Monique Breaux (she/her/hers)- breauxm 

Cheylon Woods (she/her/hers)- cheylon.woods

Beth Patin (she/her/hers) – bjpatin