EXTENDED! CFP: Critical Management Studies and Librarianship: Critical Perspectives on Library Management Education and Practice

Call for Book Chapters: Critical Management Studies and Librarianship: Critical Perspectives on Library Management Education and Practice

Editor: Silvia Vong, University of St. Michael’s College in the University of Toronto


Proposals due: January 31, 2022 (New deadline)
Notifications of Acceptance: March 25, 2022
Full chapters due: June 24, 2022


In 1992, Alvesson and Willmott edited and produced a key text in the field of critical management studies (CMS). The book featured scholars in the fields of organizational behaviour, management, business administration and human resources unpacking current and past management practices using a critical lens. Since then, the CMS field has expanded to include post-structuralist theories, post/decolonial theories, feminist theory and critical theories to address education and practices in the management field. Management education and practices in the library and information science (LIS) field draw heavily from business, management, and organizational studies. By examining LIS management education and practices using critical theories and frameworks, we can develop more awareness around how some current practices may be oppressive or harmful in certain contexts as well as identify critical and socially just ways of leading in libraries.


  • Build more awareness around dominant concepts, theories, and/or ideologies that are
    deeply entrenched in the library profession.
  • Introduce leadership theories and practices outside of the business, human resources,
    management, and organizational studies field to engage librarians in critical forms of
    leadership practices.

Topics of Interest

  • Topics in the form of literature reviews, conceptual papers, case studies, autoethnographies
    that critique current library management education and practices that touches on one or more
    themes of:

    • Neoliberalism (ideology, mode of governance, or policies)
    • Capitalism
    • Managerialism
    • Surveillance
    • Meritocracy
    • Assessment Culture
    • Ethics
    • Consumerism
    • Governmentality/New Public Management
    • Organizational Structures (e.g., hierarchies)
    • Business Strategies and Approaches
    • Suggestions related to CMS areas of interest
  • Discussions on leadership frameworks and practices outside of business, management, and organizational studies literature. Discussions should include how the following frameworks can be applied to LIS leadership education/practices:
    • Critical Race Feminism
    • Decolonial leadership
    • Indigenous leadership
    • Critical reflective practice
    • Culturally responsive and socially just leadership
    • Suggestions related to leadership frameworks

Please send the following to silvia.vong@utoronto.ca by January 31, 2022:

  • Name(s)
  • Job Title(s)
  • Institution(s)
  • Section of interest and a 500-word description of the proposed book chapter
  • A 250-word bio of the author or authors