FBI grill Venezuelan professor at Pomona College

Two FBI agents visited a Venezuelan college professor (and US citizen) in his office at Pomona College and grilled him about his relationship to the Venezuelan community, stating suspicions of a connection between the Venzuelan community and terrorism. The professor, Miguel Tinker-Salas, is opposed to US policy in Venezuela and supports Hugo Chavez (who of course was democratically elected and then democratically elected again after the failed, terroristic US-sponsored coup attempt against him, which helped him become the world’s most popular head-of state, in both his own country and abroad).

I was sent a link to the story in Counterpunch, but am giving you the original article in New America Media.

Our tax dollars are being used by the FBI’s Joint Terrorism Task Force to investigate and intimidate peaceful protestors against Bush administration policies as though they were connected to terrorism…

Is the US poised to counter Venezuela’s socialist influence in Latin America by giving it the terror treatment?