Forthcoming books

Forthcoming from Library Juice Press

  • Critical Library Instruction: Theories and Methods, edited by Emily Drabinski, Alana Kumbier, and Maria Accardi (978-1-936117-01-7)
  • The Great Depression: Its Impact on Forty-Six Large American Public Libraries, by Robert Scott Kramp (978-1-936117-02-4)
  • Greening Libraries, edited by Monika Antonelli and Mark McCullough (978-1-936117-08-6)
  • Out Behind the Desk: Workplace Issues for LGBTQ Librarians, edited by Tracy Nectoux (978-1-936117-03-1)
  • Politics of Information: Investigating Social Aspects of Information in a Globalized World, by Shiraz Durrani (978-1-936117-12-3)
  • She Was a Booklegger: Remembering Celeste West, edited by Toni Samek and K. R. Roberto (978-0-9802004-9-2)
  • So You Want To Be a Librarian, by Lauren Pressley (978-0-9802004-8-5)
  • Spanish For Libraries, by Freda Mosquera (978-1-936117-11-6)
  • The Underside of Professionalism: A Radically Traditional Proposal for Librarianship, by Juris Dilevko (978-1-936117-04-8)
  • …and, if we can get permissions worked out, a collection of the best of the SRRT Newsletter

Forthcoming from Litwin Books

  • Ambient Media, by Cyan Meeks (978-1-936117-00-0)
  • A Copyright Guide for Visual Artists, by Rachel Bridgewater and Kohel Haver (978-1-936117-10-9)
  • Linguistics Simplified, by Chongwon Park (978-1-936117-05-5)
  • Prophets of the Fourth Estate: Broadsides by Press Critics of the Progressive Era, edited by Amy Reynolds and Gary Hicks (978-0-9802004-6-1)
  • Rebel Literacy: Cuba’s National Literacy Campaign and Critical Global Citizenship, by Mark Abendroth (978-1-936117-06-2)
  • Red and Blue By the Numbers, by Larry Romans (978-1-936117-09-3)
  • A Space for Hate: the White Power Movement’s Adaptation into Cyberspace, by Adam Klein (978-1-936117-07-9)
  • …and a collection of the speeches of Hugh Pentecost