Frankentoons back online

For several years I hosted Joel Kahn’s “Frankentoons,” a fun fair-use protest site, on, and took it down due to a change in my hosting situation.

I just received the following from Joel:

Yes, the Frankentoon project is back online!

Some things should be noted about this current incarnation:

I played no part in getting the Frankentoons onto Geocities. I have no clue as to who *is* responsible.

I did not construct the resource list page at . . .

I have made, and am making, absolutely *no* money from any of the ads on the Geocities Frankentoon pages.

The law firm of Baker Hostetler . . .

. . . has already been informed of what’s going on, so I have no idea how much longer the Frankentoons will remain online with Geocities. If you want to grab anything from the site, I suggest you do it fast.

Happy Frankentooning.

Joel Kahn

I’m happy to see it back online and getting a shot of attention…