Late Night Library One for the Books Campaign

Late Night Library One for the Books Campaign



PORTLAND, OR, October 22, 2012—Responding to the US Department of Justice vs. Apple case set to go to trial in June of 2013, Late Night Library has announced the One for the Books! campaign in support of independent booksellers and independent publishers.

One for the Books! is a pledge drive not requiring a monetary pledge. It offers four levels of participation:

Late Night Reader: Anyone who pledges to purchase books from independent booksellers and independent publishers.

Late Night Author: Published authors of any genre who on their website includes links to independent retailers or IndieBound rather than retailers engaged in predatory pricing.

Late Night Publisher: Independent publishers who do not feature links to corporate retailers who predatory price on their official websites.

Late Night Brick & Mortar: Independently-owned physical bookstores supporting independent publishers by offering multiple independent titles on their bookshelves and providing a pick-up or delivery service for community-based readers.

To participate in One for the Books! is simple. E-mail and Late Night Library will add your name or business to the appropriate pledge level. We will publish the results on our website in April.

LATE NIGHT LIBRARY is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting talented writers early in their careers. To make a donation to Late Night Library, please visit and click Give. All donations will be applied directly to program services.