Librarians and Archivists to Palestine: Summer 2013

As I mentioned at the end of my post about the most recent session of the Russell Tribunal on Palestine, I’ve been helping plan a delegation of librarians and archivists to Palestine during summer 2013. Word has been going out on email lists and social media, and I wanted to put out the call for applicants here as well:

A delegation of librarians, archivists, and other library workers will travel to Palestine in the summer of 2013. We will connect with our colleagues in library- and archive-related projects and institutions there, applying our experience in the form of skillshares and other types of joint work. We will travel as truth-seekers and information-skeptics, eager to dispense with the superficial and inaccurate portrayals of life in Israel/Palestine that we see in the west and to learn about the realities of life under occupation and apartheid. As library workers, we support access to information, and recognize that this goes in more than one direction. Our trip will shed light on how Palestinian voices and information about Palestine reach us (or do not) and how Palestinian people access (or cannot access) information. We will bear witness to the destruction and appropriation of information, and support efforts to preserve cultural heritage and archival materials in Palestine. Upon return to our communities, we will share what we have seen, apply what we have learned, publicize projects we have visited, and otherwise break down barriers to access in any way we can.

During the delegation, we will spend time in the West Bank, East Jerusalem, and inside Israel. In all our travels, we will respect the Palestinian civil society call for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) against Israel, and will not partner with any organization that violates this call.

For more information, to apply, or to donate to help make the delegation successful, please visit

Yes, unfortunately, the trip does conflict with ALA Annual, but the dates were chosen based on the organizers’ schedules and the timing of Ramadan and can’t be changed. Even if you’re unable to apply, we’re really excited about people following the delegation’s activities and connecting with the documentation and projects that will come out of our travels. If you’d like to apply or have any ideas for us, write to librarians2palestine AT gmail DOT com.