Library Juice Academy “Challenge” Successful

March 24, 2015
John Chrastka, EveryLibrary

EveryLibrary thanks Library Juice Press today on the successful completion of a $1,000 “Challenge” last week. Library Juice Academy pledged a $1,000 donation and issued a challenge to individuals to become regular monthly contributors to EveryLibrary. We are happy to report that 15 people joined EveryLibrary as recurring donors, effectively tripling the Library Juice Academy donation over the rest of 2015.

“I was very happy when Rory Litwin approached us with the idea for this fundraising challenge”, said John Chrastka, EveryLibrary Executive Director. “It lines up with the leadership that he brings to Library Juice Academy, Library Juice Press, and Litwin Books. We would have put a donation to work, but his interest in doing this as a challenge brought out new personal donors and helps us grow as a sustainable organization.”

“EveryLibrary is providing an important service in supporting library campaigns across the country”, said Rory Litwin, Founder of Library Juice Academy. “We need to work together to support libraries everywhere, and we’re happy that EveryLibrary provides a way to do that. It is very satisfying to see that this campaign was successful.” Library Juice Academy is a leader in providing high quality professional training to library staff at all levels. This donation is in support of EveryLibrary’s work as a national political action committee for libraries.

About Library Juice Academy:

Library Juice Academy offers a range of online professional development workshops for librarians and other library staff, focusing on practical topics to build the skills that librarians need as their jobs evolve.

About EveryLibrary:

EveryLibrary is a politically active organization that is supported by contributions from individuals, corporations, and unions nationwide who believe that libraries matter in our society. You can learn more about EveryLibrary and its work building voter support for libraries at

Contact:John Chrastka
Executive Director