Library Juice Press and Peer Review

Up to now there has been no peer-review process for books considered for publication by Library Juice Press and Litwin Books. That is changing as of now. Manuscripts that are presently in progress will be sent out to reviewers after they have been submitted to us. (The exceptions will be the titles that are not intended for a scholarly or professional audience, which we may publish from time to time.) Reviewers will be selected for their expertise in the subject matter of the book. Authors will be sent reviewers’ comments for guidance in revision.

So, if you are an author who is considering sending something to us and wondering about how it will be considered on your CV, you can be prepared to tell your committee that your book went through a peer review process before publication.

This may, in some cases, actually prevent us from publishing something that we would have published otherwise. We are already on the critical side as acquisitions editors, however, so we don’t expect it to have a huge impact on us.