Litwin Books Awards First Travel Grants for Conference Attendance


Litwin Books Awards First Travel Grants for Conference Attendance

April 24, 2014

Sacramento, CA – Litwin Books has awarded its first Travel Grants to Anna Wilson and Nathaniel Enright. The Litwin Books Travel Grants support scholars’ attendance at conferences, either domestic or international, with a special emphasis on helping those without other forms of financial support. Anna Wilson received funds to attend the Congress Conference of the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians (CAPAL), held in Ottawa, to present her paper, Comparing Indigenous Approaches to Autism with Western Approaches to Autism. Dr. Enright will also be travelling to CAPAL to present his paper, The Austerity of Literacy: The Financialization of Information and the Politics of Debt. The Litwin Books Travel Grants provide up to $500 to attend a domestic conference in the recipient’s home country or up to $1000 to attend a conference outside the recipient’s home country.

About the Recipients

Ms. Wilson is a Master’s degree candidate in the School of Library and Information Studies at the University of Alberta, where she has studied the information sharing needs of people with autism. Her research is designed to enable library professionals and policy makers to facilitate meaningful programs for people and families impacted by autism spectrum disorders. She hopes to help the public see the strengths of people with autism so that they can view them as a source of social capital instead of a social burden.

Dr. Enright recently completed his PhD at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia. He has published papers on and spoken at conferences about capitalism, the marketization and political economy of information, information ethics, the history of information literacy, the increasingly central role of proprietary algorithms on research and scholarship, intellectual property rights and the production of technology and waste.

About Litwin Books

Litwin Books is an independent academic publisher of books about media, communication and the cultural record. They are interdisciplinary in scope and intention, and gather together works from a range of disciplines. Through their Library Juice Press imprint, they publish books that examine theoretical and practical issues in librarianship from a critical perspective, for an audience of professional librarians and students of library science.
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