LJP e-books: Proof that we don’t hate change

Our full list of books is now available in e-book form, in the Adobe Digital Editions format. We have links from our site to the Powells.com page for each e-book. We recommend Powell’s as a retailer, as they are a union shop and an amazing brick-and-mortar Portland landmark as well. Adobe Digital Editions e-books can be used on a number of e-book platforms or on your computer using Adobe’s software. In the past, I said that we weren’t doing e-books because not that many people were buying them. Well, now it appears that e-books have become a significant part of the market, accounting for something like 12% of book sales. So, we have gone ahead. I hope our way of doing it will work for people. In the future, we may offer e-books in the EPUB format, but for now it is going to be Adobe Digital Editions.