LJP Friends Group and Email Announcements

I announced this earlier but deleted the post when I saw that I needed to make some changes to how I was doing these things. So now, with some things redone….

Two new features on the Library Juice Press website…

First, a Friends’ Group, where friends and supporters of Library Juice Press can communicate on an email list. This list is for people to share ideas, ask questions, make suggestions, and probably also for the Press to share some advance information on forthcoming books. The address for subscribing is joinfriends [at] libraryjuicepress.com. Subscriptions are handled manually, so introduce yourself and say something about your interests.

Second, the Library Juice Press website now has an email announcement list, which is a one-way email list that people can subscribe to to be alerted to new publications from Library Juice Press and occasional other news. This is a collection development tool, essentially. Emails will be infrequent on this announcement list. Subscription is automated, and you have to go to that page to subscribe.