LJP Series on Critical Multiculturalism and Librarianship

Series on Critical Multiculturalism and Librarianship

Isabel Espinal, Series Editor

Library Juice Press seeks book proposals and manuscripts for a new series, Critical Multiculturalism and Librarianship, edited by Isabel Espinal. This series aims to publish works from practical, theoretical and personal perspectives that critically engage issues of cultural and racial diversity, and cultural and racial equity, in library and information services.

We seek writings such as:

  • Books that offer tools and practical strategies for promoting cultural and racial equity in library services and personnel, including the areas of technology, management, funding, collections, outreach, literacy, and information and reader services to individuals and communities.

  • Histories and biographies of librarians, activists, and organizations that made strides in promoting cultural diversity or combating racism in library practices.
  • Analyses and explorations of library services to particular cultural groups and subgroups (e.g. African American, African American youth, Latina/o, Chicana/o, Asian American, Chinese American, Indigenous, etc. ). Books that discuss culturally oppressed groups in countries other than the United States are also welcome.
  • Analyses and explorations of racism in librarianship, both historical and current.
  • Books that illustrate how libraries and librarians work to eradicate and alleviate the problems caused by cultural and racial oppression in the greater society. Books that show how libraries and librarians partner with other organizations and professions to achieve these goals.
  • Discussions of multiculturalism in librarianship as it relates to: intellectual freedom, information access, institutional racism, gender inequities, sexuality, whiteness and white privilege, antiracism, materialist critiques, power analyses, social justice, transnationalism, international and intercultural social movements, and the future of library and information services.

Please submit queries, proposals, and manuscripts to Isabel Espinal, isabel.espinal@gmail.com.