LJP Standing Orders

You (or your library) can now place a standing order for books published by Library Juice Press or Litwin Books. Standing orders will get a 25% discount from the cover price. Also, when you place a standing order you’ll have the opportunity to purchase any of our previously published books at the same 25% discount.

You can set up your standing order to include just Library Juice Press books, titles from Litwin Books, or specifically the titles from Litwin Books that are about libraries. (Library Juice Press books are aimed at an audience of librarians. Titles from Litwin Books can be on a number of subjects, but are often about libraries and library history, but for a wider audience.)

Minnesota orders will have to add 6.5% for sales tax, and shipping is a $5 charge per mailing. Your invoices will come with the books.

Our standing order is a one-year commitment.