Message from Patrick Gavin to Litwin Books

Dear Rory Litwin and the entire Litwin Books team,

I am writing to express my gratitude for the opportunity to apply for the Dissertation Award. Having such a venue for doctoral students to share our work is important, if unfortunately rare. It is with great honor and happiness that I have accepted the 2014 award. Thanks to all of you at Litwin Books! Please also pass on my appreciation to anyone else involved, most especially the members of the advisory board, Jonathan Furner, John Budd, and Ron Day. Indeed, it was a wonderful opportunity to have been able to share my writing with scholars of such pedigree. Please also extend my gratitude to Ron Day for his kind words regarding my project.

Work on the project continues. As it wraps up over the course of this academic year, I will certainly keep Litwin Books in the front of my mind as a potential venue for its publication.


Patrick Gavin, MA, MLIS
Doctoral Candidate, LIS
Faculty of Information and Media Studies
University of Western Ontario