New Book by Joseph Weizenbaum

Islands in the Cyberstream
Seeking Havens of Reason in a Programmed Society

Author: Joseph Weizenbaum with Gunna Wendt
Translator: Benjamin Fasching-Gray
Price: $28.00
ISBN: 978-1-63400-000-0
Published: October 2015
Printed on acid-free paper.

Joseph Weizenbaum is best known in the English-speaking world for his 1976 popular critique of artificial intelligence, Computer Power and Human Reason. His reputation in Europe continued to flourish, however, as he wrote and spoke for German-speaking audiences until his death in 2008. Islands in the Cyberstream: Seeking Havens of Reason in a Programmed Society is an extended interview with Weizenbaum, originally published in German in 2006. Imaginitive, iconoclastic, and always insightful about the role of computing in society, this book is a great introduction to the thought of Joseph Weizenbaum as it has evolved over the decades.

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