New from LJP: Library Daylight

Library Daylight: Tracings of Modern Librarianship, 1874 to 1922

Edited by Rory Litwin
Introduction by Suzanne Stauffer, Ph.D.
Price: $25.00
ISBN-10: 0-9778617-4-0
ISBN-13: 978-0-9778617-4-3
6″ by 9″
Published: December 2006

Library Daylight: Tracings of Modern Librarianship, 1874 to 1922 is an eclectic collection of thirty-six articles about libraries and librarianship published between 1874 and 1922. These items, most of which will be new even to those most well-versed in American library history, cover topics that are hotly discussed today: library education, women’s issues, library technology, the image of librarians, copyright, the tension between libraries as educational institutions and libraries as popular centers, the nature of library service, the public sphere, library PR, librarians and political activism, and visions of the future. The sources of these articles include early ALA conference proceedings, early issues of Library Journal and other library periodicals, daily newspapers, and popular magazines. Authors range from still-well-known leaders in the field to anonymous journalists. This will be rewarding reading for anyone interested in how our present-day issues are connected to the library past.

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