New journal: Information, Society and Justice

Information, Society and Justice
an inter-disciplinary electronic journal
(website under construction)

Information, Society and Justice is a peer-review, open-access electronic journal based in the Department of Applied Social Sciences (DASS) at the London Metropolitan University. The journal is governed by an Editorial Board drawn from UK and overseas. It seeks to provide a proactive space for critical discussion of the linkages between social information, justice and democracy. It will focus on issues of equality, human rights, social inclusion, economic justice, and struggles for liberation and democratic expansion.

The central role of information in these areas will be explored in depth. It will focus on the role that librarians and information workers together with libraries and information services can play in safeguarding, highlighting and communicating on issues such as equality, human rights, social/economic justice, social policy, and liberation. Creative work on these themes will also be considered.

The journal will publish original research, communiqu?┬ęs, interviews, reports and other material on these and other fields. It is not limited to any one disciplinary perspective and will accept contributions from academics, professionals and information workers working in any disciplines.

The journal invites relevant articles from academicians, policy practitioners, and civil society activists. It also encourages submission from students and their participation in the administration of the journal.

ISJ is expected to be published twice a year. The first issue is expected to be published in November 2007.