New SRRT Newsletter

An announcement from SRRT Newsletter Editor Myka Kennedy Stephens:

SRRT Newsletter – Issue 171, June 2010 is now available!
The permanent link is:

NEW! This is our first issue available in EPUB format:

This graphics-free edition is readable on a variety of e-book readers (Kindle, Nook, etc.) and mobile devices equipped with e-book reader software (e.g. Stanza for iPhone/iPod Touch). Strictly speaking, this is a “beta test” so please let me know if you encounter any difficulties with our EPUB edition.

At any time, access the most current issue of the SRRT Newsletter online by going to or subscribe to our RSS feed at

Be aware: If you intend to print this edition of the newsletter for reading offline, it will be approximately 31 pages long. Be green and read it on a screen of your choice!

Myka Kennedy Stephens
SRRT Newsletter Editor