Rafael Capurro: Interpreting the Digital Human (video)

Interpreting the Digital Human (video in Realplayer format)

This is a video of a presentation by Rafael Capurro, head of the Interntational Center of Information Ethics. Capurro was the Senior Information Ethics Fellow in 2007-08 at Center for Information Policy Research (CIPR) at the School of Information Studies at UW Milwaukee. This video is of his presentation at the CIPR conference, “Thinking Critically: Alternative Perspectives and Methods in Information Studies,” held in Milwaukee in May and organized by CIPR director Elizabeth Buchanan. I attended that conference and found it very stimulating. His talk is a rather deep, philosophical discussion about the way that culture and life itself are altered because of global digital communication.

I have heard that some videos of other presentations from the conference are now being prepared. I’m looking forward to those.