Ron Day’s introduction to The Culture of the Internet and the Internet as Cult

We have just posted Ron Day’s introduction to Philippe Breton’s book, The Culture of the Internet and the Internet as Cult: Social Fears and Religious Fantasies to the Litwin Books website. We posted translator David Bade’s introduction to the author’s work here back in April.

I have come to realize what an important author on contemporary communication topics Philippe Breton is, not only in France but in other parts of the world. With this book we are doing the kind of thing that has often given publishers a sense of pride: being the first to bring an important thinker’s work into English translation. I am proud to be the publisher of this book for another reason as well: it has insights in it that I found useful for my own thinking, and reading it was a pleasure. Breton writes with a mix of intellectual insight and passion that is unusual for scholarly writer; David Bade’s translation does justice to both of these aspects of the book. Read these two introductions to get a sense of what the book is about.