Sale price on Barbarians at the Gates of the Public Library

I always feel a little hucksterish when I use this blog to try to sell books, but Library Juice Press is a business, and selling books is what it is about. So here we go…

I have too much inventory of Ed D’Angelo’s book, Barbarians at the Gates of the Public Library: How Postmodern Consumer Capitalism Threatens Democracy, Civil Education and the Public Good, and I need to put it on sale.

So, through the end of 2009, the price will be $10 instead of $18, if you buy it via the website. Big sale. Blowout sale. Bring your wife, your wallet, your pink slip and your checkbook.

I like this book, and you might too. If you want to read the first two chapters, they are online and accessible from the book’s page on the website.