Seeking an assistant or two for ALA Midwinter

Library Juice Academy/Library Juice Press is seeking one or more assistants to help us with our presence with our exhibit at the ALA Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, January 30th through February 2nd, 2015. This will involve helping us set up and break down the booth, assisting us in staffing the booth, and ideally some help with receiving some shipments and transporting them to the exhibits hall for setup (should be possible to do in one load in an average-sized car). Compensation will be $30 per hour, with the number of hours negotiable and based on how many helpers we enlist and what else you want to do during the conference. Additionally, if you are willing to receive shipments and transport them in your car, you will get to keep the pair of folding bookcases that we will have shipped.

The ideal person will have prior familiarity with our publications, so that we can feel confident in your ability to represent them well at the booth and show enthusiasm. We will have all of our books on display, and will also be promoting our online professional development courses.

If this opportunity interests you, please contact Rory Litwin, at