SRRT Newsletter 156/157

The new issue of the SRRT Newsletter, which is combined issue 156/157, January 2007, is finished and now online. Paper copies will be mailed to SRRT members and other subscribers soon.

Erik Estep has put together a nice issue, with articles by some new voices in SRRT. Carol Gulyas, chair of the Alternatives in Publications Task Force, wrote a very interesting report on an AIP program, “The Ethnic Press, Libraries, and Community: How We Can Strengthen Ties.” There’s a brief article by Jeff Ridinger about access issues and access services librarianship; an article about the experience in New Orleans by Ted Chaffin, a report from Ginny Moore on the Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday Multi-Cultural Idea Exchange Task Force, three book reviews, and Al Kagan’s report from IFLA.

If you’ve wondered what SRRT does or if it’s the right place for you in ALA, this newsletter is a good way to tell.