SRRT Newsletter 166

Issue 166, March 2009, of the SRRT Newsletter is just published. This issue contains the minutes from Midwinter’s meetings in Denver, where Action Council decided to publish the newsletter on the web only, and to move to a quarterly publication schedule. For some time, the newsletter was SRRT’s largest single expense, even at a twice-yearly publication schedule. The weight of this financial cost was unsustainable and had begun to put a damper on SRRT’s other activities. I am glad that Action Council has made this decision.

This issue of the newsletter is Myka Kennedy Stephens’ second issue as editor, and is up to the high standards she set for herself with the previous one.

Now that the SRRT Newsletter is primarily a web-based publication in html format (rather than pdf) it has a new degree of accessibility in the current professional environment.

Other news related to the newsletter: Thanks to Alison Lewis’ and ALA’s efforts, Wilson’s Library Literature database now indexes it. According to reports, they are in the process of digitizing all back issues. That is rather exciting.

Kudos to SRRT and Myka for a good issue 166.