Travel Grants

In view of the high carbon footprint of air travel, we have made the decision to discontinue our travel grant program.

Past Recipients

Jen Hoyer, for her travel to Manchester, UK, to attend the Collecting Political Ephemera symposium, where she presented the paper, “Collecting the Cultural Production of Social Movements at Interference Archive.” $1,000.

Eva Jansen, for travel to the International Society for Knowledge Organization (ISKO) in Porto, Portugal, to present a paper titled, “Photography as legitimate technique for domain analysis in knowledge organization,” and to Vancouver, Canada, to present a panel she co-organized, on “Social Consequences of Occupational Classification,” at ASIS&T. $1,000.

Jamila Ghaddar, to cover expenses related to a lecture for the Information Studies Deptartment at UCLA, titled “That keening trajectory: archival plaze, third world futurities and the making of a global order” on Feb 22, 2018. $500

Natalie Baur, to travel from Mexico City to Portland, Oregon, as co-organizer of a one-day forum on community archives during the Society of American Archivists meeting in 2017. $1,000

Jamila Ghaddar, to participate in a panel titled, “Archival interventions: Anti-violence and social justice work in community contexts,” at the Association for Information Science and Technology Annual Meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2016. $500

Nathaniel Moore, to present his paper, “Speaking Truth to Power: Archives, Community Engagement and Advocacy,” at the Northwest Archivist Annual Conference in Denver in 2016. $500

Jen LaBarbera, to present her paper, “History in the Making: How Archives and Activists Can Work Together,” at the Gender & Sexuality in Information Studies Colloquium in 2016. $500

Marika L. Cifor, to present her paper, “Blood, Sweat, and Hair: The Archival Potential of Queer and Trans Bodies,” at the Gender & Sexuality in Information Studies Colloquium in 2016. $500

Julie Winkelstein, to present her paper, “Safe in the Stacks: Public Libraries Serving LGBTQ Homeless Youth,” at the Public Library Association Annual Conference in 2016. $500

Nathaniel Enright, to present his paper, “The Austerity of Literacy: The Financialization of Information and the Politics of Debt,” at the Canadian Association of Professional Academic Librarians in 2015. $1,000