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Library Student Journal (LSJ) is an international, peer-reviewed, open access journal. Library Student Journal seeks to publish the best student papers from Library and Information Science (LIS) students worldwide and to serve as a forum for discussion of LIS education and training, career paths and future trends. Submissions may cover a wide range of topics, but should always relate to and advance the discussion of LIS topics.. LSJ is now accepting manuscripts submitted to the following sections of the journal:

Peer-reviewed scholarly papers based on original research or literature surveys that advance the subject with original ideas. Articles explore the topic in greater depth than Essays and add original ideas to the existing literature.

Papers of an informational or personal nature. Essays are reviewed by the editors alone. An Essay is less formal in tone than an Article and may, among other things: share personal experience in the LIS field, give an overview of an LIS issue of interest, be a work of fiction, and/or be lighthearted or humorous.

Unsolicited reviews of books currently being used in an LIS course, recently published LIS books, or websites of interest to LIS students; also, solicited reviews of newly published and forthcoming LIS books. See the Reviewer Guidelines below for more details and see the volunteer page for information on applying to be a book reviewer.

Opinion pieces on a topic of current concern to the LIS field. Editorials may be solicited or unsolicited.

Please refer to the submission guidelines before submitting; improperly submitted manuscripts may be returned without consideration.

Miriam Sweeney
Editor in Chief
Library Student Journal

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