Against Reading?

This is worth a mention: Mikita Brottman’s The Solitary Vice: Against Reading. I read about it in Kevin Arthur’s Question Technology blog. The book begins by questioning whether reading is necessarily good for you, and continues as a memoir of reading in different genres. Brottman’s own site links to a number of reviews.

Reading is a good subject.

I haven’t looked at the book yet, but Brottman has advanced degrees in both literature and psychoanalytic theory, which I think would give her an interesting perspective on the subject.

One comment on “Against Reading?

  1. Interesting. It reminds me of the quote by Thomas Jefferson about travel…”Travel will make you wiser, but less happy.”

    Perhaps Brottman is suggesting the same is true of reading?

    It is after all, a form of travel…a mental journey, at least.

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