ALA Council Actions at Midwinter

Diedre Conkling has created a wiki page for keeping a record of ALA Council actions. It presently has the actions taken at Midwinter, as well as the full text of some Council Documents, a history of Councilors’ terms on Council, and Jim Casey’s report on the Midwinter meeting. This is a very useful resource hosted on a wiki belonging to ALA/SRRT’s Feminist Task Force.

One comment on “ALA Council Actions at Midwinter

  1. I just updated the speedsheet with the terms of people that have served on ALA Council since 1991. I saw that Rory had posted this piece and I thought I should update the page. More work is being done on this chart and I will update it when the work is complete.

    By the way, this site was just personal notes from me to me about FTF activities because it was a convenient way to share the information with others. It is not an official site for FTF, though I am happy to let anyone connected with FTF and ALA use it.

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