An example of a blog

I don’t read a lot of blogs. I won’t say why, as other people have said enough about what is wrong with blogs, but I want to give you a fun a propos link.

One type of blog that I kind of enjoy seeing, which I won’t link to here, is the class assignment blog, where the first entry says something like, “This is my blog for our library’s 21 Things project. A blog is a web page that is easily updated with new entries going at the top of the page, often used in a personal way.” Actually the definition given is usually a lot worse than that. Then, as assigned, they link to several examples of blogs. (I only know about the proliferation of these of these because I track back to those links.) Maybe I shouldn’t find these things so funny.

Okay, the promised a propos link, an “example of a blog:” Emily Drabinski’s What I ate for lunch and why. She has the official style down pat, really nails that sandwich.

I will note that I learned about this blog in person, over lunch.

2 comments on “An example of a blog

  1. Oh, Rory. Now watch me add you to my blogroll. (is that a buttered blogroll?) And I’ll also point out that it’s Drabinski with an ‘i’, and make some random point about the wonders of the web for correcting textual errors.

    I’m on pins and needles about what we’ll eat for lunch together next! An Ebsco chicken plate in Anaheim, perhaps?

  2. That is great!

    I’m one of those who creates blog assignments, so I know that they can be an interesting sub-genre. I teach undergraduate writing courses, so I use them for the interactive journaling possibilities. I don’t think I’ve ever had a student define a blog on his/her blog before, though.

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