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A co-worker of mine shared this video with me, done by somebody she knows at the library at Indiana University. I think it is great, creates such a sunny feeling about their library’s services, and gets the important things across. I am going to talk my co-worker into copying Carrie Donovan so that we can have a video like this for our library. That’s a pretty great smile though, wouldn’t be easy for most people to do.

6 comments on “ASK video

  1. I’m so proud of IU Libraries! This is so good I’m sending it to my students, my kids,….my kids’ teachers….

  2. Yeah, this is just darling. I’ll post it on my blog, where I know *some people* will read it who need to hear this. *cough, cough* grad students *cough cough*.

  3. Having presented your promotional video in my recent English course for LIS professionals I should just like to tell that we ALL loved it. Thanks! Nannette

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