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I decided to do something a little different with the blog. Let me know if you have seen this elsewhere. In my right-hand sidebar I’ve added a section of book authors, which links to searches for their books on Red Light Green. I read books, so why should I link only to blogs and online content? The authors I list are ones whom I like and who have informed my discussion.

Two of the links are actually not to Red Light Green but to publishers’ websites. These are authors with just one book. I am a bit frustrated with Red Light Green, because the linked searching function gives different results than the same search expression input into their search box. If you search on the site you get broader results with more books included than if you encode the search into a URL. And I’m not talking about false drops; I’m talking about books I’m interested in. For that reason I left out James Danky. Compare that linked search with one you try yourself for his name on the site. The linked search does not include his Alternative Materials in Libraries, which is now fairly obscure, but a search for his name using their search box does.

Leave comments to tell me about authors that progressive librarians should read, and a little about why! Library Juice Concentrate is going to have a bibliography for that purpose, and I’d like to expand it.

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  1. It’s good to see Naomi Klein (among others) in the biblioblogosphere–sort of an antidote to the calls for a library brand.

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