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The British Columbia Library Association’s Intellectual Freedom Committee has a new blog, which I will read regularly. It’s been going since late August, and in that time I’d say it’s shown that the BC IFC is a group that’s doing some interesting things relating to intellectual freedom and information policy and having fun while they’re at it. One thing that attracts me to the Canadian approach to IF is that they tend to see the connections between IF and information policy more clearly than our own IFC and OIF do. In ALA the focus is on book challenges almost exclusively. The IFC did recently publish its report on Media Diversity in Libraries, but Judith Krug doesn’t consider it central enough to include a summary of its findings in the upcoming edition of the Intellectual Freedom Manual. Judith Krug has accomplished an incredible amount in terms of establishing intellectual freedom as a core value within librarianship and even within United States society, so I am not trying to minimize her contribution. However, I would say that the BCLA IFC’s approach shows more awareness of where the real intellectual freedom issues lie at this point in history.

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  1. Thanks for covering us in your blog. I agree, IF and IP issues are often intertwined and it’s sometimes hard to separate out the threads.

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