Bush refuses to be photographed

After his last address on Iraq, President Bush broke with precedent and refused to be photographed at the podium by journalists, instead distributing an official, government produced photo which he expected the media to publish. Some media outlets did publish the official photo, and some published still video captures from the address.

Put it on the list of examples of the Bush administration’s hostility toward the fourth estate and of our declining information freedom. But in terms of this example specifically, why do you think he refused to be photographed at exactly this moment? I think it’s because he knew that the big truth about Iraq showed on his face after he evaded it in his address. It is the way that silence speaks.

One comment on “Bush refuses to be photographed

  1. Lie after lie – it’s getting to him. You can see it in his face and hear it in every word he speaks. What a legacy this president has left himself…and our country.

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