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Interview with Andrea Baer

Andrea Baer is the Undergraduate Education Librarian at Indiana University-Bloomington, as well as an Adjunct Lecturer for the University of Tennessee’s School of Information Sciences. She holds a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Washington and a Masters in Information Sciences from the University of Tennessee. Andrea teaches two classes for Library Juice … Read more Interview with Andrea Baer

Interview with Mimi O’Malley

Mimi O’Malley oversees development and delivery of professional development courses and workshops through The Learning House, focusing on higher education faculty and administrators. She has also presented workshops on online learning topics like faculty assessment, ADA, copyright, and curriculum trends. Next month she will be teaching a course for Library Juice Academy, called Embedded Librarianship … Read more Interview with Mimi O’Malley

Interview with Gretchen McCord

Gretchen McCord is an attorney-consultant and educator in the areas of copyright law, privacy law, and legal issues related to social media. Her practice specializes in assisting libraries, educational institutions, and non-profit organizations in transitioning into the ever-changing digital world. She was an academic librarian prior to becoming an attorney, and served as the President … Read more Interview with Gretchen McCord

Interview with Jillian Wallis

Jillian Wallis is a PhD student in the Graduate School of Education & Information Studies at UCLA. Her research addresses the data practices of researchers at the Center for Embedded Network Sensing, and developing systems for the effective distribution and use of sensor data. She will be teaching a class for Library Juice Academy next … Read more Interview with Jillian Wallis

Interview with Scott La Counte

Scott La Counte is the head librarian for the Southern California Institute of Technology. He has given presentations on mobile application development at several different conferences, and is the author of Going Mobile: Developing Apps for Your Library Using Basic HTML Programming (ALA Editions Special Reports, 2011), and Build Your Own App for Fun and … Read more Interview with Scott La Counte

Two certificate programs starting in February

Two certificate programs at Library Juice Academy are starting in February: The Certificate in User Experience (UX) and the Certificate in XML and RDF-Based Systems. Both of these programs are six courses in length, and both have been taught once already in the past year. The first class in each of these programs starts February … Read more Two certificate programs starting in February

Find us at ALA Midwinter

We will have a booth in the Exhibits Hall at ALA Midwinter in Philadelphia, January 24-27, 2014. At the booth we will have copies of all of our books, as well as catalogs, a brochure about Library Juice Academy, and pens and notepads. Staffing the booth will be Emily Drabinski, editor of the Series on … Read more Find us at ALA Midwinter

Happy New Year – 2013 in review

2013 was a busy and expansive year for Library Juice Academy and Library Juice Press. We thought you’d be interested in some highlights. This was our first full year of offering online classes for librarians’ professional development, having started the first classes in October of 2012. In 2013, we passed the 1000 mark in the … Read more Happy New Year – 2013 in review

UX Unconference

The instructors for the Library Juice Academy Certificate in User Experience organized an Unconference on UX at the University of Arizona recently, as a follow-up to the first round of classes in the certificate program. On December 6th, they each gave presentations on their areas of expertise and participated in a panel discussion. The presentations … Read more UX Unconference

Interview with Margaret Heller

Margaret Heller is Digital Services Librarian at Loyola University Chicago, where she manages the website and institutional repository. She also volunteers as the Technology Director of the Read/Write Library Chicago. She has presented talks and papers about participatory or social library services at various conferences, including the LITA Forum, Media in Transition, and Code4Lib. She … Read more Interview with Margaret Heller

Grace Agnew talks about her Grant Writing class for Library Juice Academy

We interviewed Grace Agnew a year ago, prior to the start of the first session of her Mechanics of Metadata course. Grace is Associate University Librarian for Digital Library Systems at the Rutgers University Libraries and has been an adjunct professor in the Library Information Science program at Rutgers University since 2005. She is teaching … Read more Grace Agnew talks about her Grant Writing class for Library Juice Academy

Occasional work available for a publishing assistant

Duties are to include document scanning, bibliographic research, possible social media marketing, research into addresses for review copies and offers of desk copies, possible tasks for Library Juice Academy (e.g. processing enrollments, sending certificates of completion), and help at conferences. We are also looking for someone to do book layout, and these jobs could be … Read more Occasional work available for a publishing assistant