UX Unconference

The instructors for the Library Juice Academy Certificate in User Experience organized an Unconference on UX at the University of Arizona recently, as a follow-up to the first round of classes in the certificate program. On December 6th, they each gave presentations on their areas of expertise and participated in a panel discussion. The presentations were recorded, and they’re on Youtube and available for your viewing pleasure and learning. If these presentations are interesting to you, consider taking some of the classes.


3 comments on “UX Unconference

  1. Thanks for making these recordings available! It would be wonderful if they could be captioned (YouTube’s auto captions aren’t coherent) or if transcripts could be posted.

  2. Hi Emily, thanks for your interest! We are in the process of creating captioning for the videos. It’s a manual process so takes some time. We will hopefully have these all captioned by the end of January. We do have the slide decks available on Slideshare which is a good alternative – the notes aren’t as detailed as the captions would be, but it’s a good start. Thanks!

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