Censorship at the Canadian Border

I have long been aware that that Canadian postal service will stop delivery of materials it deems obscene or otherwise censorship-worthy. I was not aware that they published a list (actually it’s the Canadian Border Services Agency that does it) of all the materials that it stops.

The British Columbia Library Association IFC blog has an interesting post about this list of banned materials. Without passing judgment on the censorship involved, they note the openness of publishing the list on the web.

2 comments on “Censorship at the Canadian Border

  1. Can anyone explain why Napoleon Dynamite was on the list? Granted, it fell on the “accepted” side of the axe, but I’m forced to wonder why that movie would come under question in the first place.

  2. Good question!

    Perhaps Napoleon Dynamite was in a shipment with something that Canadian Boarder Services Agency thought was offensive?

    I believe that it’s difficult (if not impossible) to learn why materials were stopped.

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